Women Hunters Too: Huntresses We Admire

Often there’s a misconception that only men hunt (or fish), but we want to dispel that myth. Getting down in camo in a hunting blind is not a gender exclusive activity, and there are more than a few awesome huntresses that we admire out there.

Women have been involved in hunting since the beginning of history. Cave drawings displayed women joining in on the hunt, mythological huntresses were depicted in ancient Greek and Roman culture, and ancient Egypt saw queens often hunting from the comfort of their chariots.

It’s no surprise that in today’s society there are plenty of noteworthy huntresses paving the way for the outdoorswoman of the future.

Women Hunters Too: Huntresses We Admire

1. Andrea Fisher

2. Eva Shockey

3. Debra Card

4. Mary Cabela

4 Women Hunters Too: Huntresses We Admire

Here are the 4 women huntresses. Let’s take look in detail:

1. Andrea Fisher

Andrea Fisher

2011 Prois Award winner, Andrea Fisher

Huntress and conservationist Andrea Fisher was the 2011 Prois Award winner, an award that honors women Hunters who are dedicated to hunting and conservation with involvement in their community. 

Fisher won a trip to hunt elk, mule deer, wolf, and whitetail in the Canadian Rockies alongside Diana Rupp, the editor-in-chief for Savage Encounters and Sports Afield.

2. Eva Shockey

Eva Shockey

Eva Shockey and a beautiful whitetail buck

Canadian huntress and daughter of Jim Shockey, Eva was featured on the May 2014 issue of Field & Stream Magazine, the first woman to be featured in 30 years.

Eva has grown up in the face of hunting media, following in her father’s footsteps. It’s no surprise that she is now a co-host of Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures, blazing the trail for huntresses worldwide.

3. Debra Card

Debra Card

Debra Card and her amazingly antlered moose

In 1999, Debra Card snagged a number one Safari Club International (SCI) spot for an Alaska moose she killed right outside of Cordova. Its antlers spanned over six feet with 39 points and scored her 731 1/8-inches. This monster has held the number one spot for more than a decade now!

4. Mary Cabela

Mary Cabela

Mary Cabela and a beautiful bighorn sheep she shot

Everyone’s at least heard of Cabela’s, and it’s not surprising that co-owner Mary Cabela is an impressive huntress.

She has records for more than 200 animals, many of which are SCI trophies. Some of her kills include cape buffalo, caribou, Dall sheep, elk, and much more.

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