Halibut Vs. Flounder 2024: Everything you need to know

Halibut and Flounder are close relatives and taste almost similar. The anglers are often very keen to get hold of these fishes. However, the two species differ on many grounds besides so many similarities in this comparative guide for Halibut Vs. Flounder, you will come across these differences.

The primary difference between Halibut and Flounder is the texture and meat quantity. Flounder is more delicate than Halibut. Moreover, Halibut consists of more meat than other ones. Similarly, you will get many other differences between the two, depicted in the following table. 

A Quick Comparison: Halibut Vs. Flounder

Key DifferencesFlounderHalibut
Size15-18 inches(can grow up to 33 inches.) 5 feet in width and 8 feet in length. 
ShapeRound-shaped bodyDiamond-shaped, long body. 
TasteThinner fillets. Tastes best while baked or grilled. Firm texture with more meat.
Weight5-30 pounds 25-30 pounds, max 400 pounds 
Eye Both eyes on one side, left or right Both eyes are always on the right side. 
MouthLargemouth, sharp canine tooth. Twisted mouth, sharp conical teeth.
TailShort paddle-like tail. Crescent-shaped and meaty 
Found inSandy ocean bottoms. Marine fish also found in freshwater
Best BaitLive baitHerring
$8- $12/ fillet. $42.64/lb

What is a Flounder? How do you fish Flounder?

Flounder is a flatfish species. They generally stay in groups and are found at the ocean bottoms. However, they are sometimes available also in estuaries.

Health Benefits of Halibut and Flounder

 Flounder is readily available in reefs and skinny waters. Jigging and drifting the bait to search out the target from the ocean bottom are the common ways to fish Flounder. The squid sandwich, shrimps, and live finger millet are some of the best baits.

Moreover, heavier gear is perfect for this fish. You may use the fluke killer rigs like that of Aqua Clear, Bay Park, etc., for a great experience.

What is a halibut? How do you fish Halibut?

Halibut is a marine fish, usually found in the Northern regions. This flatfish is one of the most popular and influential food fishes. It is indeed a great source of proteins, antioxidants, and other nutrients.

Health Benefits of Halibut and Flounder

You need to scout your location first to catch Halibut. The best lures include plastic fish, squid, and mackerel heads. 

Please ensure that you use a lightweight fishing line. While claiming your prize, try to keep the head of the fish underwater. It will be easier to raise it to the boat.

10 Detail Comparison Between Flounder And Halibut (2023)

halibut Vs Flounder

Here is the Comparison Between Flounder and Halibut

1. Size

The size of an average Flounder is 15-18 inches. However, it can grow up to 33 inches at the maximum. 

An adult Halibut is around 5 feet in width and 8 feet in length. Hence, you can consider sharks, mammals, etc. as its predators. 

2. Shape

Flounder consists of smaller uniform fins than Halibut. Moreover, the body is rounded in shape. Due to its flat condition, it can move freely on the ocean floor. 

Halibut is shaped like a diamond. It has dorsal fins and pointed anal with a long body. 

3. Taste

The fillets of Flounder are very thin. Thus, the taste is not so fleshy. It is fattier than Halibut. It tastes best when baked or grilled. 

Halibut has a firm texture with more meat. However, it could be fattier. 

4. Weight

The weight of Flounder varies between 5 and 30 pounds in weight. 

The meaty Halibut can be about 400 pounds. However, the average weight is about 25 to 30 pounds. 

5. Eye

Both eyes of the flounder will be one-sided. For Flounder, the two eyes are visible together either on the left or right side, at the same time. 

Halibut: Here also, like the flatfishes, Halibut bears both eyes on one side. However, mostly you will find both eyes on the right side of the mouth. 

6. Mouth

Flounder has a large mouth and sharp canine teeth. The number of teeth is not known to date. It varies from one species to another. 

Halibut has a twisted mouth with sharp conical teeth. It gives an elongated appearance to the fish. 

7. Tail

Flounder has a short paddle-like tail. It helps in easy movement in the sand. 

Halibut possesses a crescent-shaped and meaty tail. Only a single bone runs through the middle of the tail. 

8. Found In

You will find flounder mostly in the sandy ocean bottoms, precisely on the coasts of North America, Asia, Europe, and Africa are the primary locations to get Flounders. 

Halibut is a marine fish, also found in freshwater. Atlantic Habitat is found in Labrador, Greenland, Northern Arctic, Iceland, etc. 

9. Best Bait

The best bait applicable for flounder is live bait. However, you may apply some other baits also. 

Herring is the best bait applicable for Halibut. 

10. Price

The price for One pound fillet of Flounder is between $8 and $12.  

Entire fish of Halibut costs about $42.64/lb and per fillet prices depend on that. 

Health Benefits of Halibut And Flounder


The health benefits of Flounder are;-

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Helps to control the Type 2 diabetes
  • Reduces chances of cardiovascular disorders
  •  Facilitates lowering cholesterol levels
  •  Helps to control obesity
  •  Reduces the risks of acute diseases like cancer


The health benefits of Halibut are;-

  •  A fabulous source of high protein and micronutrients
  •  Promotes a healthy heart and contains selenium, niacin, and omega3 fatty   acids
  •  Improves digestion
  • It contains anti-inflammatory properties
  •  Prevents blood clots
  •  Supports weight loss
  •  It helps to maintain good skin and treats acne
  •  Prevents Alzheimer’s
  •  Keeps body toxic-free
  •  Prevents cancer

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 Conclusion: Halibut Vs Flounder

Halibut Vs. Flounder reflects the comparative properties of both fishes. It ensures that belonging to the same family does not make two fishes the same. Be it the texture, mouth, tail, or taste, you will find several distinguishing elements in both types. 

We hope that the article will be helpful for the excited anglers. Get prepared to identify your catch next time you go fishing. 

FAQ: Halibut Vs Flounder

Which is better: Flounder or Halibut?

The taste of Flounder and Halibut is almost similar. However, from the analysis of Halibut Vs. Flounder, you will learn that the texture of Halibut is firmer than Flounder. Moreover, Halibut contains less fat and thus facilitates weight loss. The protein-packed fish is leaner than the other. Therefore, it is healthier than Flounder.

Are Halibut and Flounder related?

Comparative Analysis of Halibut Vs. Flounder

Why is a flounder called a halibut?

Generally, the flatfish family is commonly referred to as Flounder. Since Halibut also falls under this category, both fishes may be addressed interchangeably. Thus, often, a Flounder is called a Halibut.

Is Halibut expensive?

In the last 23 years, the price of Halibut has risen dramatically, due to high demand, fewer workers, transportation problems, and a lack of enough fishers.  
One pound of Halibut is now more than $4 among the Pacific varieties, contrary to the old price of $2.
The rise is mainly

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