Fishing Terms 2024: A Complete Dictionary of Fishing

This content on Fishing terms will be the most suitable article for fishing enthusiasts and beginners. Every angler will take an interest in the linguistics of fishing. 

So, let us learn the Fishing Lingo as you kayak on the calm waters. Enhance your knowledge as you get the rod and wheels to accompany you.

Stay with us till the end to learn the A to Z of fishing terms. This brief list will help you become an expert in this activity. 

A To Z Terms Of Fishing (2024)

Here are complete A to Z fishing terms. Let’s go through them one by one:


 This is a significant component of the fishing rod. It influences the rod’s speed and facilitates appropriate bending of the rod.


 This signifies any artificial lure for attracting the fish


 The person who catches fish.


Also known as ‘Bird’s Nest,’ backlash refers to a tangle. It happens when the spool does not match the slowing down phenomenon of the lure.



 Bail is a metal ring that guards the line and keeps the spool locked.


 Placing the bait on the hook can compel the fish to get tricked


The sharp end of the fishing hook restricts the fish from coming out of the line.



The oldest form of lure involves tying the hair of deer with the lead head.


Propelling the bait requires the release of the line on time. This activity involves swinging the fishing rod and is famous as the Cast.


 This refers to the act of releasing your catch back into the waters.


 Chum is a trick of attracting predators by putting bait into the water.


This synthetic thread is the most common material for braided lines.


Drag is a mechanism putting pressure on the line inside the fishing reels to pull it for a perfect catch.


 This action refers to indulging in fishing from the boat as you float on the water.

Ebb Tide 

It is a seawater phenomenon during the low tide. Ebb Tide is the opposite action of the Flood Tide.

Fang Hook

 This unique hook creates a single unit and includes two hooks welded together.

Fang Hook...

Fish On

A satisfying cry as soon as you succeed in getting your catch.


 This is also known as Bobber, used to keep the bait suspended.


 This is a large hook for catching a large fish attached to a pole.

Gear Ratio

 Gears are inseparable parts of fishing reels. It helps in making the lines work at a fast pace. For example, a 3:1 gear ratio means the spool will revolve three times when you pull the cord.

Hard Bait

 This is a robust bait made from very hard materials like special metal, tough plastic, etc.

Hard Bait....

Ice Fishing 

Fishing on the ice water by drilling holes through the ice is what we call Ice Fishing.

Ice Fishing 


This bait has an innovative design meant to cause jerks during the stop-and-go technique. The buoyancy is neutral here.


 Jerking the rod’s tip to represent a lure to be in motion gives rise to an activity called Jigging. The lures used here are jigs.

Kayak Fishing

You can indulge in fishing while enjoying kayaking. This kind of technique is called Kayak Fishing.


When you keep the catch after fishing, you become the Keeper.

Lateral Line

This is one of the significant fishing terms and represents the detecting and communicating fish organ. Moreover, the sensory organ will help you identify the variety as it remains apparently visible.

Lateral Line

Lead Head

You can place a piece of lead on the head of the hook in molded form. Furthermore, cover this head with some lure, soft plastic, or a skirt.


This refers to an artificial bait for attracting fish.



This is the main fishing line you attach to the wheels.



 A nylon fishing line that can resist abrasion. You can also stretch it highly.


To keep the fishing lines at the boat sides, poles are there, called outriggers. They hold the large boats intact.



 An artificial lure made of wood you use for casting.


 This is a method through which you can make the lure shake underwater.


This is the primary equipment used to catch fish.


This refers to the wheel whose movements control your fishing activity. The main structure is the frame. It also consists of a crank, handle, and spool.


 This is a colored object tied with another bait or lure for an additional compelling effect on the catch.



This is a condition of the fish when your activity or any of your lures scare the creature.

Surface Lure

A special lure primarily used on the top water surface.

Surface Lure


 It is a collective term used to refer to all the gear and lures used for fishing.


A teaser can also attract the fish without using the hook.


 This is a tubular lure with the central part hollow.

Umbrella Rig

This rig has multiple lures attached, like an umbrella and hook baits. The wire frame keeps all these lures free from tangles.

Umbrella Rig

Walking the Dog

 It is a process used during retrieval. The surface plug floats in a zigzag toward the right direction, starting from the left. 

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The above article provided only a short list of some of the vital fishing terms. However, apart from these, many other words are relevant to fishing. Make sure that you master these linguistics also, along with specializing in fishing techniques.


What is Googan ?

A fisherman  Who fishes, Typically without any regulation ,any regards, without any license,without license. Etiquette towards other people, especially other fishermen following rules. 

What is Slang for big fish?

Many Fishing Slang Words are used to Describe a big fish. These word include, but not limited to  pig ,toad, monster, mondo, slab don etc 

What is wade fishing?

Wade Fishing is a Style of fishing where anglers stand in the water ,stal fish and must be self-sufficient. 

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