What Is The Best Fishing Rod For Beginners

Best Beginner Fishing Rod In 2024

To start fresh and work ourselves up, and we’ll have to equip ourselves with the best beginner fishing rod available! I started with the basics as a child (a little 9-year-old!) and learned to master the art of fishing through my father as I grew up. I want everyone to start fishing as enjoyable as possible!

Want to try fishing out? Puzzled as to what to use or need when you’re looking to start? Trying to find the best gear to start fishing? Maybe you want a friend or family member to get started themselves but don’t know what to recommend them? Then read on!

Things To Remember Before You Start

I always keep in mind that it’s not just the fishing rod that makes an Angler amazing. It’s the knowledge coupled with quality equipment! So, to make sure that you’re not going into this endeavor empty handed and with no clue what to do whatsoever, I’d advise starters, to begin with, two things:

Knowledge First

If it’s a solo flight, then you’d best need to have at least read a manual or guide to help you along. Getting started and not being able to do anything worthwhile can deflate your high motivation and can ruin fishing for you altogether.

What’s recommended is having an experienced angler with you for your first fishing trip so as he/she can monitor and direct you to the proper techniques as well as answer any questions you may have.

All you have to do next is practice! Also, please don’t expect to learn everything on one go!

Complete Gear At The Ready

These include not only your fishing paraphernalia but your clothes and supplies for sustenance as well!

Usually, your clothing will have to match your fishing location. The weather and climate may vary, but most anglers always bring the right clothes to protect themselves from the harsh elements:

​Warm clothes to protect from hypothermia, or loose clothes for warm weather
Hats and protective eye wear.

Extra clothes to stay dry

​https://www.bassresource.com/fishing/hot-summer-clothing-fishing.html can help you with choosing the best clothes to wear on a fishing trip!

​Next, make sure you have all the fishing equipment to catch fish, always pack extra, have something to repair damages, and have a first aid kit to take care of yourself.

​http://www.artofmanliness.com/2009/05/14/10-things-every-mans-fishing-tackle-box-needs/ shows us a basic overview of what a beginner’s fishing tackle box must contain!

The Best Place To Start

In case you’re wondering where you should go to for the best place to start, you might want to check my previous article here: https://thatfishing.com/best-fly-fishing-in-colorado/

Choosing the right place is also necessary for a fantastic start!

Fishing Rods

Now you’re ready to pick your first ever fishing rod! These are the best things to remember when you’re choosing your beginners fishing rod:


A fishing rod may look simple enough as it was once just a long and sturdy stick to tie a line and hook to for fishing.

Modern fishing rods are a bit more complicated as they have different parts. Simply familiarize yourself with the image below and the video instruction:


Once you’ve learned the basics of fishing and the fishing rod’s structure, it’s time to boil down what qualities it needs to have to make your first fishing trip a memorable one!

  • Price – it’s best to choose a less expensive rod for your beginner. You’ll see that some rods can be easily bought at around $40 or more. Start with these as expensive rods are usually reserved for experienced anglers.
  • Weight – there are plenty of kinds of different weight for fishing rods. For a beginner, it’s best to choose a lighter one, so you’ll get used to handling it for the first time easier.
  • Length – just like the weight of a rod, lengths also vary. Choosing a shorter rod is advisable for beginners, as this again will help you get used to handling rods with ease before you get to the more advanced techniques.
  • Material – a factor that affects both weight and accuracy, and as there are either rods made of fiberglass, graphite or composite materials, we recommend fiberglass for first timers both for economic and comfort purposes.

We recommend starting with this product if you’re on a tight budget! The quality and portability are impressive, and it’s not that expensive, too!

Sougayilang Portable Pocket Fishing Rods

This next one is a best seller and is highly recommended for beginners as well! Light, compact, and durable!

Sougayilang Portable Pocket Fishing Rods

What was your first fishing rod? Do you like to get started and have any other views? Want to share your first experience or what you’re expecting when you’re starting to go angling? Put all of them in the comments section below!

Don’t forget to check out for the best fishing rods available on the online market! Remember, the best beginners’ fishing rod consists of the best qualities: Inexpensive, light, compact, durable and stylish!

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