Surf Fishing Rigs: Our Top 8 picks In 2023

Picking the most suitable surf fishing rigs, every angler is motivated to trick the catch with the help of different baits and lures. However, the feeding habits of multiple species vary a lot. 

Having the right surf fishing rig and choosing the right bait depends on multiple factors like the type of fish, water depth, type of water, structure you are using, etc.

Furthermore, learn about the correct time to use these rigs and the process. Pay attention to the weight or tackle too. You might have to alter them according to your target. 

We present in this content the different fishing rigs to support you in an overwhelming fishing adventure. The quick survey of the below-mentioned list will introduce you to the best rigs along with their unique features. 

Different Surf Fishing Rigs In a Nutshell

Here are the highlighting features of various types of Surf Fishing Rigs depicted in the below table. 

Sr No Surf Fishing Rigs NameBest For
1.Drop ShotAdjust the tension for the perfect position. 
2.Fish FinderExcellence in carrying huge weights and dealing with strong currents
3.Carolina RigIdeal to use on sandy beaches 
4.Spider Hitch RigFacilitates comfortable catching of heavy-weight fish 
5.High Low RigVersatile rig for easy fishing in any water type
6.Balloon RigQuick underwater catch by attaching a balloon 
7.3-Way SwivelHighly potent rig with three rings, ideal for ponds
8.Dropper LoopSupports any line and ensures good catch in the rocks and reefs

Below is a brief list of Surf Fishing Rigs. Let’s check it out

1. Drop Shot

It is one of the versatile rigs that greatly support stationary baits. Proper tension is essential to apply the bait and make sure to catch it quickly. Moreover, keep adjusting the tension by twitching at the right points unless it is perfect. Wait for the ideal opportunity with your bait. 

Concentrate on making the bait “off the bottom”. The drop shot is perfect in such a case.

Drop Shot rig

 2. Fish Finder

If you are trying to get a good catch in the open water or sandy beaches, Fish Finder will be the apt solution to meet your desires. 

Being one of the most prominent surf fishing rigs, it will help to manage the strong current. A pyramid weight is perfect for such a rig. However, you may try a heavier weight too.

Fish Finder rig

 3. Carolina Rig

Most anglers find this rig so close to heart. Sandy beaches and open-water fishing goes fantastic with this rig. 

Moreover, the ideal depth should be between 1.5 feet to 3 feet. Surfperch, corbina, or a yellowfin can easily fall into your trap by Carolina Rig. When sand is your source of fish, nothing can make it better than Carolina.

Carolina Rig

4. Spider Hitch Rig

It is indeed a unique concept and got its name from the typical knot style. You will find many similarities with the Carolina Rig. 

Furthermore, you can comfortably keep your bait above the reef with the help of this rig. It implies that heavy structure becomes easy to deal with as you apply the Spider Hitch Rig. 

Take the exotic catch and go fishing in search of fish including shepherd, rockfish, and others.

 5. High Low Rig

High Low Rig has several tying methods and is similar to Dropper Rig. The biggest advantage of using this rig is an easy catch, irrespective of the depth of water. It is the best suitable for sandy and rocky regions. 

The versatility of this style ensures that you cannot go for any specific fish. Moreover, you can confidently choose multiple areas to apply the bait.

High Low Rig

6. Balloon Rig

Balloon Rig is a very unique style of handling fish. Besides, you may conveniently use the rig to inflate the party-style balloons quickly underwater. 

The balloon gets a pull from the current and thus provides a smooth channel to pass the bait. Even if it breaks later due to the pressure, the rubber left out will not cause any trouble.

Balloon Rig

 7. Three Way Swivel Rig

This rig is more useful for catching fish in a pond. You can cast the rig from the boat or the shore, which fits perfectly for the river current. Using three rings simultaneously makes it more potent to get the desired catch. 

The fishing line should be lighter for the leaders. This can prevent the loss of the entire rig if, accidentally, the line breaks while in water.

Three Way Swivel Rig

8. Dropper Loop Rig

Dropper Loop is again a favorite style for frequent anglers. Furthermore, it is an easy trick to learn, especially for beginners. 

You may vary it according to your unique style. A Barrel swivel is not necessary here. Therefore, you can decide on any type of line as you go for this innovative rig. It is mainly used offshore. The ideal weight is bank weight.

However, you may also prevent snags when the weight is correct. You will enjoy having a good catch of fish found in reef structures, rocky areas, and plain vegetation lands.

Dropper Loop Rig

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The fishing process becomes astounding as you have the correct bait and rig in hand. Therefore, to be an expert angler, you should have sufficient knowledge about surf fishing rigs and when to apply them. 

Moreover, the water depth and type of bait also help you determine which rig to choose. The rigs also support various hooks to ensure the fish stays on the line. 

Let your fishing journey be full of fun and adventure as you try these rigs according to the water type.

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