Accommodations To Visit For A Fishing Trip

5 Best Accommodations Visit Fishing Trip In 2024

One of the best things fishing can offer is that it leads you to several spots which are truly amazing and you do not even know are existing. There is indeed a long list of them that deciding which way to go can be quite difficult.

Fortunately, upon traveling to different countries and continents around the world for my favorite pastime, I can say that there are five accommodations that I consider “the most worth exploring.” Keep reading as you discover the best accommodations to visit for a fishing trip.

The Best Accommodations To Visit For A Fishing Trip

  • Strawhouse Yurt, California, USA
  • Nimmo Bay, British Columbia, Canada
  • Estancia Arroyo Verde, Argentina
  • Amanpulo Resort, Pamalican Island, Philippines
  • Hawks Cay Resort, Florida, USA

1. Strawhouse Yurt, California, USA

Indulge yourself in a thrilling angling activity at one of America’s most fascinating rivers. Found in Northern California, the Trinity river offers an excellent year-round of fishing opportunities.

As a fishing aficionado, I just love this fishing spot as well as their accommodation because of the abundance of salmon, steelhead, and German brown fish. These species are only three out of almost 260 different fish types roaming around the river.

The fun does not end here because, apart from fish, this location is also a haven for various kinds of birds including blue heron, merganser, golden eagles, and bald eagles. All these wonderful flying creatures will greet you in the morning while relaxing on the accommodation’s comfortable deck.

Experience more striking fishing activities as you can also do kayaking and canoeing. Do you want more stimulating recreations to enjoy in this location? Never miss out on the other breathtaking activities such as hiking and biking on the magnificent trails.

If the features I mentioned already seemed inviting, let me tell you that that’s not all. The amenities of this accommodation include a coffee maker, BBQ/Grill, Dining table, Wi-Fi, and much more. Feel free to check the link below for further details.

2. Nimmo Bay, British Columbia, Canada

Early this year, I visited one of the most popular spots for fish catchers in Canada. Guess what? At the heart of British Columbia lies a paradise that will surely catch any angler by surprise. I am referring to Nimmo Bay which is an extraordinary family-owned wilderness lodge.

​It features nine relaxing two-bedroom pine-paneled waterfront chalets that perfectly complement its dining room serving excellent cuisine. If you want to experience guided fishing, you may also do so, and this accommodation is a perfect spot.

​Get ready to experience also the helicopters which ferry fishing enthusiasts to magical and isolated streams which are homes to an overwhelming number of trout, char, steelhead, and salmon. The Nimmo Bay is indeed a fishing spot treasure that will give any angler immeasurable pleasure.

3. Estancia Arroyo Verde, Argentina

If you are searching for the best trout stream in the world, you will never forget Rio Traful of Argentina which is only 10 miles long from its mouth on Lago Traful. It has a rapidly-moving, clear mountain stream, holding large rainbow and brown trout.

Believe it or not, it even holds landlocked Atlantic salmon which can weigh up to 18-20 pounds! No wonder an isolated renowned lodge named Estancia Arroyo Verde which is situated in it offers an incredible fishing opportunity as well as perfect accommodation.

It has four twin-bedded cabins with en-suite bathrooms in its main house as well as an adjacent building that has another two double bedrooms. A private room which is a mile and a half from its main house has a double bedroom with a bathroom as well as a spacious living room that has two additional beds if you need them.

The deck which overlooks the lake is a perfect spot to appreciate and enjoy the marvelous sunset.

4. Amanpulo Resort, Pamalican Island, Philippines

Spoil yourself by indulging in another spectacular fishing trip in this another accommodation found at Asia’s so-called pearl of the orient.

Upon arrival, a white mini golf cart welcomed us and brought us around the resort for a mesmerizing tour. This location is not only a shelter for fish indeed, but also for other aquatic animals including the famous great big turtles.

During my journey there, I stayed in an elegant, luxurious casita which is situated amidst an abundant green jungle of Pandan trees and Indian almonds.

From food to its amenities, everything was simply wonderful, but my much-awaited morning fishing trip was the highlight of my adventure. A fishing team joined me, and in just a few hours, we had grabbed a huge red grouper and a silver kingfish which a chef cooked and served for us.

If you want to relax, you can also have a good massage at this place’s relaxing spa.

5. Hawks Cay Resort, Florida, USA

Travel 90 miles from Miami and 60 miles from Key West, and you will discover a hidden sanctuary of top inshore species including bonefish, tarpon, and permit. Its name is Hawks Cay Resort which is found in Florida which many anglers and fishing enthusiasts also call the “Fishing Capital of the World.”

Spoil yourself by the morning charters which leave by 8 a.m. and come back by noon. For afternoon trips, charters usually leave at 1. p.m and return at 5 p.m. There are also full-day trips that are available.

Experience the upscale amenities, complimentary Internet access, and Caribbean decor, and wake up each morning feeling the warm breeze and sunlight of this marvelous resort.

The peak season for catching tarpon is between March through May while the best time to catch a permit fish is from May through July as well as December. You can also surely land bonefish from April until June.

Did you enjoy finding your second home with these accommodations?

​If you are not sure yet where to go, do not worry as you can always refer to this list of the Best Fishing Accommodation to visit for a fishing trip that will surely make your fishing day an enjoyable and memorable getaway.

​Travelling has always been a part of my life, and I just want to experience it at its best at any season. Furthermore, if you are like me and want to do it during the fall, you can refer to the link below for some exceptional accommodations that you would surely enjoy.

If there are other resorts or lodges that you think I should have included in this writing piece, please do not hesitate to share your experiences in the comments section below.

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