Western Australia Fishing Spots

Western Australia Fishing Spots

1. Geraldton - Northwest


During winter, many holiday anglers are heading to the tourist towns of Geraldton and Kalbarri then proceed their journey to Shark Bay, Broome and the Kimberley region.

Along the coastlines of the country, you can have the most challenging fishing experience where you can find variety of most favorite species such as tailor, salmon, jewfish, whiting, tarwhine, samson fish, snapper, turrum and trevally.

The reef and rock platform fishing in the Cape Cuvier region can produce some of the most spectacular catches in the country. Land-based anglers do their fishing on the high cliffs facing the Indian Ocean, for they have greater opportunity to land large game fish including marlin, Spanish mackerel, northern bluefin tuna, queenfish, sailfish and sharks.


Flat Rocks nearby the Greenough is a local 'hot spot'. It is excellent to fish for tarwhine and whiting at the beach. There are more than 6 kilograms of tailor fish are taken regularly in the south of the Greenough River.

Houtman Abrolhos Islands

The centre of Western Australia's crayfish industry, have become a hub for game fishermen chasing Spanish mackerel, sailfish and wahoo.

Trevally and large tailor are also abundant around the islands. During off seasons, professional cray men take visitors to the islands to fish for jewfish, samson fish, snapper, turrum and golden trevally. Reef fishing is also popular near the Pelsart Islands.

Horrocks Beach

A popular holiday resort in the north of Geraldton, where the main catches are whiting, tailor and jewfish. An excellent reef fishing in the bays of Geraldton and Kalbarri will yield snapper and trevally.


At the mouth of Murchison River there were abundant stocks of whiting, jewfish and tailor. Oyster Reef, Red Bluff and Bluff Point are the legendary spots for huge tailor and jewfish. Other local 'hot spots' include the Cutting and Chinaman Rock. From March to May, rock fishermen use balloon rigs to float baits offshore for Spanish mackerel.

Shark Bay

This wide breadth of water can be dangerous for inexperienced boat anglers. It is a top location for snapper which move towards the bay from March to September. On April to June, dolphinfish, turrum and yellowfin bream also visit the bay.


An excellent spot for jewfish which is readily accessible for land-based anglers. There are also plenty of snapper and javelin fish. Good-sized tailor can be taken from the town jetty and the area is famous for its large mangrove crabs.

Point Quobba

A fish habitat protection area, uniquely situated in the migratory path of numerous species. This remote fishing spot attracts fishermen from all over Australia. It is a rough region where the central desert suddenly ends in jagged cliffs and reefy beaches.

Blowholes is the local 'hot spot' where it is possible to land over a dozen Spanish mackerel in a day. Most of the species taken are the mackerel, tuna, queenfish, snapper, jewfish, norwest snapper or spangled emperor, trevally, cod, marlin and sailfish.

Cape Cuvier

The steep rocky cliffs and gigantic waves make this coastline extremely dangerous. But a good spot for rewarding catches of snapper, tailor, mackerel, jewfish and tuna. Anglers with heavier tackles can yield in a large Spanish mackerel, northern bluefin tuna, dolphinfish, barracuda, marlin and sharks.


The big tides in this area make fishing really difficult. Favorable spots are the local rocks and the deepwater jetty about 6km from town, which is famous for its big runs of threadfin salmon and whitfish.

Good catches of mangrove jack, trevally, cod, barracuda and threadfin salmon will be in the nearby creeks. Reef fishing is excellent for mackerel, queenfish and turrum. Quondong Point, James Price Point, Coulomb Point and Hunter's Creek are some of the 'hot spots' in the area.

Cape Leveque

It became popular for anglers to use balloon rigs from the shore to yield mackerel, turrum, barracuda and sharks. The beaches which run south and east from the Cape are the best spots.

Derby and Wyndham

Saltwater fishing in this region is being restricted by the terrain and the lack of roads. However, for offshore game boats, the waters are prolific. There's an abundant stocks of barramundi, threadfin salmon, catfish, mangrove jack and large mangrove crabs in saltwater streams of the region.

2. Perth - Southwest


The shoreline of Western Australia offers some of the best fishing spots found anywhere on the continent.

Fishermen who live in and near Fremantle and Perth can enjoy the abundant waters of the Swan River, which is more likely an estuary than a river and has several top fishing grounds.

The holiday towns of Bunbury, Mandurah, Denmark, Albany, Busselton and Esperance provide the fishermen an opportunity to land a wide variety of fish from estuary, rock, offshore locations and beaches.

Perth and the Swan River

The Swan River has many estuary beaches, jetties, landings, channels and bridges which provide a superb fishing throughout the year. Almost free from pollution, great fishing in the river can be had as far up as Guilford.

The famous spots to take flathead and flounder are in Bicton, Point Walter and Freshwater Bay. The abysmal water at Devil's Elbow and Blackwall Reach produces large jewfish and tailor. From Mosmans to Claremont jetty, fishing will take jewfish, winter black bream and tailor.

The spot for flathead is in the bank of Karrakatta and Peppermint Grove and Crawley to the Narrows is best locations to yield bream, tailor, catfish and jewfish. Anglers From Applecross to Como usually try to yield for bream, jewfish and tailor.

Good fishing locations for small jewfish, bream and catfish is at the Canning Bridge to Riverton and from the Narrows Bridge to the Causeway . The Swan River is also plentiful with great stocks of prawns and the popular blue swimmer crabs which are yielded in large quantities during summer.


The seawalls, which extends to the sea on either side of the bay entrance are a favorite location with land-based anglers. The main catches during winter are herring, bonito, tarwhine and trevally, while herring, tailor and jewfish are productive in the summer.

Some other famous fishing regions north from Fremantle include Leighton where Spanish mackerel are found, Cottesloe where beach fishermen takes tailor and herring, and the City

Beach which is productive for herring, tailor, jewfish and tarwhine. Scarborough Beach, Triggs Island, Swanbourne Drain and Sorrento are also hot fishing spots.

Cockburn Sound

This is a protected area known with boat anglers. Behind Garden Island, an incredible catches of jewfish, salmon and tailor are made. Near the Kwinana industrial complex is a famous area to yield tailor, while the shipping channel provides snapper.

The 'hot spots' for herring, trevally and tailor are in Rockingham and Palm Beach. From the coast of the Sound, whiting and sea pike are yielded from several vantage points including the Naval Base and Woodman Point groyne.


Is one of the famous fishing locations close to Perth, where beach fishermen will yield good quantities of herring, tailor and jewfish. The huge estuary provides great boat fishing for flathead, bream and whiting.

Good spots for jewfish are nearby Madora and Golden Bay. Waikiki Beach is bountiful of whiting and silver bream. Shoalwater Bay and Peron Peninsula fish well for herring and tailor.


Is known for its good stocks of blue manna crabs which are taken in numerous quantities by holidaymakers during the summer. This location also provides good estuary fishing for catfish and whiting and deep-sea fishing for snapper and jewfish is excellent.


Is one of the most famous locations in the southwest for holidaymakers, for having safe, protected water. It is also the base for anglers who are wishing to fish nearby spots of Bunker Bay, Dunsborough and Meelup where they can yield several quantities of whiting, garfish and herring.

Cape Naturaliste to Augusta

This expanse of coastline provides some of the finest rock fishing in Western Australia. Spots such as Cape Leeuwin and Deepdene are extremely dangerous for it is swept by huge seas.

Wyadup, Margaret, Canal Rocks, Cowaramup and River are the legendary fishing spots in the region. The main catches in the area are pike, samson fish, herring, trevally, salmon and sharks.

Nornalup Inlet and Denmark

At Walpole and Nornalup, some of the largest black bream in the state can be yielded. The area also offers good yields for snapper, jewfish, groper and sweep.


Is located on the scenic waters of King George Sound, Albany which was once the site of a whaling station and is now the base for game fishermen seeking for giant white pointer sharks and large tuna.

Princess Royal Harbour offers an abundant fishing for herring, flounder, whiting, flathead, catfish and young salmon. Fishermen at Middleton Beach and Cheyne Beach can land salmon, trevally and herring. The area is plentiful of bays and inlets, where jewfish, tailor, bream and snapper are taken regularly.


This is a famous holiday haven for people from the gold-mining region around Kalgoorlie. Flathead and salmon can be sought from the beaches. Rock fishermen will be able to catch samson fish, kingfish, trevally, luderick and herring.

Boat anglers can also take blue groper, snapper, sea kingfish and sweetlip in the offshore rock platforms. Hopetown and Bremer Bay are the top fishing spots.

3. Rottnest Island


Located just 20km off the West Australian coast, west of Fremantle, Rottnest Island is favorite venue for many thousands of holidaymakers each year. The island is abundant of sheltered bays, beaches and inlets which are prolific fishing regions.

The offshore reefs are a game fisherman's paradise, which provides a world-class fishing for huge marlin, tuna, kingfish and Spanish mackerel .

Several small bays allow fishermen to walk out onto flat, safe reefs where they can cast into deeper holes for many reef specimens including the West Australian jewfish, yellowtail kingfish trevally and samson fish.

Large King George whiting can be yielded all year round, while Tailor haunt the white water which rolls across the reefs.

Ricey Beach and Longreach Bay

The northern side of the island, covered from southerly winds, coast anglers will yield tailor, salmon, trevally and herring.

Geordie Bay and North Point

This guarded bay been renowned for producing some of the finest trevally fishing within reach of Perth. The rocks nearby in North Point are famous areas to find jewfish, large tailor and snapper at night.

Eagle Bay and Cathedral Rocks

Is an abundant region on the western side of the island which provides almost all the popular species. The main yields off Cathedral Rocks are salmon, herring, yellowtail kingfish, trevally and tailor. The known West Australian crayfish can also be taken from the rocks in this area.

Fish Hook Bay

Alongside the western tip of the island, this area has plentiful of samson fish, jewfish, snapper, herring and salmon.

Wilson Bay

The waters in this estuary are popular for huge-sized trevally. Some popular species yielded regularly include tailor, samson fish, yellowtail kingfish and salmon.

Strickland Bay and Mary Cove

In this open bay fishermen can yield all the famous species including tailor, trevally, herring, King George whiting. The known spot for tailor is nearby Mary Cove.

Parker Point

Boat fishermen trolling in this area will yield tuna, salmon, kingfish and Spanish mackerel. Beach fishermen can also try for herring, pike, salmon and snapper.

Porpoise Bay and Henrietta Rocks

The main catches in these locations are salmon, jewfish, whiting, herring, tailor and trevally are. The local hot areas to yield big garfish and large herring is at Henrietta Rocks.

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