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The Best Lake Trout Lures That You Should Have (Update 2020)


The best thing that you should consider in catching any elusive lake trouts is to use the best lake trout lures that skilled anglers always put in their fishing tackles. Also, check fishing bait  here In this writing piece, I have compiled all the most effective lures that I have proven to catch fish quickly especially lake […]

Carp Fishing Bait – How To Make Your Own Boilies (Update 2020)

carp fishing bait – how to make your own boilies

Today I’m going to focus on the making of boilies. Making boilies is a relatively simple process, providing you have made the necessary preparations. You start by making a paste, the paste is then rolled into balls and then boiled. Also, check fishing bait here. This is where the name boilie originates. The very basic ingredients are […]

The Different Methods On How To Bait Shrimp (Update 2020)


Being an office girl who is also a fishing enthusiast, I can attest that learning how to bait shrimp is a useful tool in angling as shrimp can help you catch different fishes like flounder, bonefish, grouper, jackfish, black drum, redfish, snook, sheepshead, whiting, black drum and much more. Once you learn and apply this tutorial […]

3 Do-It-Yourself Catfish Bait Recipes (Update 2020)


Sometimes the best idea for succeeding in your favorite hobby is to change things up a bit. Trying a new fishing method may lead to hooking that prize catfish you’ve been after; a true record-breaker that you’ll brag about for years to come. Also, check out fishing bait  here. Here are three unique catfish bait recipes you […]