Fishing And Marriage Are A Dicey Scenario

Fishing And Marriage Are A Dicey Scenario

Welcome to another week of Anglin’ with Austin. I’ve been on the water since 3a.m. Wednesday. It’s cold , there aren’t any other boats out and I’m catching fish. Wish you were here – I could use the extra body heat.

I posted a message on FB for good friend, and fellow angler, Paul Landreth, asking if he had any humorous fishing stories he’d like to share. Paul’s a funny guy and he’s kept me laughing over the years.

Without realizing it, I’d posted my message to his wife, Regan’s, page and within the hour she had a story back to me. I’d heard the story but this version wasn’t exactly the way Paul had related it to me.

Paul was hitting the bass tournaments pretty heavy a few years back. He spent many weekends chasing fish while his wife and two beautiful little girls stayed at home. He searched for ways to get his wife involved in the sport. 

His passion for fishing would become her passion and they’d fish happily ever after, every weekend.

I’ve gotta hand it to the bass people – they’re smart. They developed a parallel universe to go along with the standard bass tournaments; Bass Couples, The Two of Us, Couples Trail – you get the picture.

Paul figured that this togetherness fishing would be the perfect avenue to introduce Regan to fishing.

Regan agreed, scheduled the babysitter and this is where a good idea went south. If you want to get your significant other out of the house and enjoying the good life of slime and tossing lures in a cold environment, you’d better put some fish in the boat.

Tournament day arrived, in February, and it was cold and rainy. Regan got herself decked out appropriately in her husbands favorite camoflauge coveralls.

She said they fit just like they belonged to her 6’3” 260 pound husband. Her green and brown camo outfit was modestly accented with a flowing pink boa type scarf and matching gloves. Cabella’s take note; couture accessories department – right next to the stink bait.

Round One: Regan was not the least bit interested in seeing how fast the boat would go on a cold, wet day. Paul, under four layers of clothing and with rain pelting his face, couldn’t see her expressions or hear her grumbling.

Skimming across the water at warp speed, Paul eventually noticed Regan’s lack of enthusiasm and decided to move directly to round two, locating fish.

Round Two: From spot to spot, Paul showed Regan the schools of bass on the sonar. They pitched lures ‘til they were blue in the face – or so he thought. Regan had actually developed that eerie shade of blue about the time they left the boat ramp.

Not a fish hit the boat that day! Poor Paul, everything about his heart was in the right place but the fish and mother nature had an axe to grind. Regan has never been back out; sunny, dry, cold, or wet.

The moral of the story? Don’t try to introduce a new angler to the glory of fishing during these cold, wet months unless you have fish caged up somewhere. In the past I advised that you not take kids out on certain types of trips and this advice should also be applied to your significant other.

By Ray Austin

Rebecca Lily

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