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Why Is Knot Fishing Not As Easy As You Think?


When I was still new to fishing, my father told me that it is essential for me to know why knot fishing is crucial to every angler. From that moment, I gradually realized how fishing knots could contribute to my fishing success. Do you want to know what I have learned about fishing knots? Are you […]

The Best Spinning Reel Under 100 Of 2018


Because of the numerous choices available now in the market, deciding what is the best spinning reel under 100 dollars becomes a little paralyzing. As an angler, price and performance are always my top considerations when purchasing any fishing tackles. Luckily, many fishing reels have both of these qualities, and you are just a few scrolls […]

Your Ultimate Guide In Choosing The Best Fishing Pliers Of 2018


When it comes to fishing equipment, we often forget to buy and bring the best fishing pliers that are invaluable in situations when you have already hooked the fish. Whether you are fishing in fresh or saltwater, bringing a fishing pliers with you is a must as this fishing equipment is indispensable from cutting fishing line, […]

How Can Fishing Reel Grease Help Me With Maintenance?


My fishing equipment has always been loyal to me. I’ve never had any major fails or breakage with my Reel, why and how, you ask? That’s because I take good care of it! With some conventional fishing reel grease, maintenance helps! Do you have problems with prolonged use of your fishing rods? Looking for the right […]

What Is The Best Fishing Rod For Beginners?


To start fresh and work ourselves up, and we’ll have to equip ourselves with the best beginner fishing rod available! I started with the basics as a child (a little 9-year-old!) and learned to master the art of fishing through my father as I grew up. I want everyone to start fishing as enjoyable as […]

The Best Fluorocarbon Fishing Line Of 2018 (Updated) For You


If you are a fishing aficionado, I’m sure that you know how important to find a fishing line that would complement to your fishing tools. And based on my experience as an angler, you would have a great advantage when you have the best fluorocarbon fishing line. Whether you are using casting or spinning reels, selecting […]

The Best Spinning Reel Of 2018 In The Market


I’m sure you agree that catching fish is not the only challenging part of being a fisher but also finding the best spinning reel for your fishing rod. Whether you are an amateur or professional fish catcher, choosing the spinning reel that suits your needs is paramount. Since spinning reel is one of the essential parts of […]

What Fishing Boat Proceeds Have To Do With Taxes


It’s something that has the internet bothered lately and asking questions. Surprisingly, it doesn’t have that many accurate answers! Just what are fishing boat proceeds and why does it appear in my tax form or forms? What can I do to benefit myself from it? Can it harm me? Why don’t we find out together? Let’s […]