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The Best Fishfinder GPS Combo: Which One Suits Your Needs?


If you are very serious when it comes to fishing, I reckon that it is very crucial for you to know the current location where the fishes are. At times, there are instances that you also need to be aware of the place where the fishes have already been. Because of the advanced technology, it is […]

The Best Spinning Rods Of 2018 (Updated): What Is The Right One For You?


Fishing is a recreational activity that is perfect for any ages. Hence, it is neither too late nor too early for anyone to experience how wonderful fishing is. However, for you to have a more enjoyable fishing adventure, you have to bring the right fishing equipment. Regardless of your age, you need to have the […]

The Best Monofilament Fishing Line Of 2018 For Every Angler


Fishing success depends on your fishing tools and tackles; thus, many anglers rely on various fishing equipment. With all the numerous choices, choosing the best fishing line can be paralyzing and overwhelming. However, the only thing that you should remember when purchasing a fishing line is that the right product for you is the one […]

The Different Methods On How To Bait Shrimp


Being an office girl who is also a fishing enthusiast, I can attest that learning how to bait shrimp is a useful tool in angling as shrimp can help you catch different fishes like flounder, bonefish, grouper, jackfish, black drum, redfish, snook, sheepshead, whiting, black drum and much more. Once you learn and apply this tutorial […]