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Summertime in Hell


Hell’s Bay in the Everglades backcountry of southern Florida is one of the best, and most diverse fisheries in the southeast. With summer right around the corner, the temperature isn’t the only thing that’s beginning to heat up. The fishing is, too. Before you go racing off into the backcountry, keep in mind a few helpful tips […]

Fishing And Marriage Are A Dicey Scenario

Fishing And Marriage Are A Dicey Scenario

Welcome to another week of Anglin’ with Austin. I’ve been on the water since 3a.m. Wednesday. It’s cold , there aren’t any other boats out and I’m catching fish. Wish you were here – I could use the extra body heat.I posted a message on FB for good friend, and fellow angler, Paul Landreth, asking […]

Trapper’s And Flat Tops July 2019

trapper’s and flat tops

Had some bachelor time over the holiday with my wife and son in Ohio and daughter working all weekend, so headed up to my new obsession – the Flat Tops, specifically Trapper’s Lake. Left the house about 04:00 on Thursday morning and arrived in the Cutthroat campground by 08:00. Even though it was the 4th, […]