What Fishing Boat Proceeds Have To Do With Taxes


It’s something that has the internet bothered lately and asking questions. Surprisingly, it doesn’t have that many accurate answers! Just what are fishing boat proceeds and why does it appear in my tax form or forms? What can I do to benefit myself from it? Can it harm me?Why don’t we find out together? Let’s […]

Excellence With Quality! The Best Braided Fishing Lines Of 2017 (Updated Sep)


With fishing as one of our favorite pastimes, we’d want to experience it only at its finest! Just you and your equipment enjoying nature at its best!​The wilderness is always your best friend. It’s the man-made gear that you bring with you that might betray you – settling for less is not an option, you’ll […]

Exciting And Refreshing! The Best Fly Fishing In Colorado!

I believe everyone has their own unique way of living the dream. I’d love to just go out there in the wilderness and cast my rod for a relaxing day of fly fishing. I’m sure men and women alike would appreciate getting to come back to nature – and if you ask me you’ll only […]