The Best Catfish Rig For Every Fishing Situation (Update 2020)


From my experience as an angler, choosing the best catfish rig is practically essential because along with the techniques and skills that are involved, these tackles also determine my success in trapping this tender aquatic animal—catfish. This list I am about to share will give you enormous help in finding the rig suitable for your […]

Tasmania Fishing Spots (Update 2020)

Tasmania Fishing Spots

Tasmania Fishing Spots 1. Bronte Lagoon2. Lake St. Clair3. Southeast Tasmania4. Brumbys Creek and Macquarie River5. Central Highland Lakes6. Great Lake and Arthurs Lake7. Lake Pedder and Lake Gordon8. Lake Sorell and East Coast Lakes 1. Bronte Lagoon Bronte Lagoon’s main attraction is fly fishing. Almost all of the Lagoon’s shoreline is grassed providing world class […]

Excellence With Quality! The Best Braided Fishing Lines Of 2020 (Updated)


With fishing as one of our favorite pastimes, we’d want to experience it only at its finest! Just you and your equipment enjoying nature at its best!​The wilderness is always your best friend. It’s the man-made gear that you bring with you that might betray you – settling for less is not an option, you’ll […]

The 3 Quick And Best Tips For Successful Fishing Travel Trips (Update 2020)


Traveling to different destinations to catch various aquatic animals is one of the fulfillments of many anglers. Whether it is a dorado or sailfish, the idea of chasing exotic species in a new location is incredibly exciting. However, going to other country or region for an enjoyable and, of course, safe angling trip requires some process […]