Big Bad Barracudas! An Amazing Fishing Trip In The Sea!

fishing trip in the sea

Hey, guys! It’s me, Rebecca, again! Want to come with me on another fishing trip? I’ll be telling the story just like as if you’re with me, why you ask? It's because I love the company! Let’s enjoy one of my most favorite pastimes together!

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We’re going to have a great time together! Go ahead and fix up your stuff, we’re going on a fishing trip in my friend’s yacht! The story is all about our day of catching a whole lot of big, bad, barracudas! It’s quite an exciting adventure to follow! So, are you with me?

Let me just grab my lucky underwear (yet again, the red ones always my favorite, even though it’s already a bit tight on my butt cheeks now, haha!) and slip into something comfy. Put on some sunscreen and get ready for a day of saltwater fishing!

For today’s trip, I’ve prepared a Shimano reel. Barracudas can be scary, feisty creatures and this is my go-to whenever I try to handle the more aggressive kind of fish. I’ll also use a longer, stronger rod (haha I know what you’re thinking, I love big rods! *Slaps your shoulder and giggles*) so I’ll be able to handle it better.



Like the last trip, I already got used to handling my heavier stuff. Some practice does help. Thankfully my friend and I prepared a rod holder for this specific occasion. We always do use it so we can lounge back and wait for a bite!



Come on! Help get your girl Rebecca on the boat! Careful! I’m very ticklish!! Ahh! *Stumbles*

You know how to help a girl out? Eh? Thanks! *Gives you a quick kiss on the cheek*

Now, let’s see here, why don’t we pick some great bait for today? What? Haven't you bought anything? Alright, we’ll use mine. Check this out:

I opted to put out a good pail of live minnows. That’s right! We’re using live bait! For this saltwater fishing trip, I wanted to use what I learned from the simple yet effective ways to bait a minnow. We can use some blue catfish rigs, they’re also quite effective!


But hey, if you’re not satisfied with live bait, I still have some lures I want you to see, can I have a high five? Great! That’s the spirit! See here; these lures look just like minnows with the right kind of hook attached. I love how brightly colored they are!



Why don’t we try to catch some while we’re near the shoreline? I’ve heard there’s a lot around here! Here, hold your rod steady, let’s try your rod first! *Grabs firmly*

You cast it out like this! There! You’re a natural! Now, let’s reel in that live bait. Be sure to troll it nicely, there you go! Great!

No good? Let’s try again! Fishing isn’t always about catching one right away; we can relax and wait for the fish to see your lure! Hold on, check that out! I think you’re going to get the first catch of the day!!

Woahhh!! That’s a pretty big one! Here let’s pull it in together! *Holds the fishing rod along tight* Pull it in! Yes! Faster now! Alright!! That’s as good as caught, let's reel it in, you were amazing! Our very first catch!

*Crosses arms* There’s something about barracudas that scares me! Don’t let go, okay? Creepy! I’ve only seen them when my daddy used to catch them, and he’d never let me go near one. It is my very first time getting one up close, and it’s still scary!

Here, let’s use the booms fishing pliers I brought along to pull out that hook! We don’t want any injuries.



*Pats you on the back* good job! But it’s time we mosey on out of here and go deeper! Let’s set out!

I’m delighted you came with me on our fishing trip. It’s been enjoyable! Look, the horizon is heavenly! I love that ocean smell, and I know the fish are just waiting for us to catch them!

Let’s cast our fishing rods here, it’s a perfect place, our fishing lines won’t get tangled, and it won’t be visible to in the deeper blue! We can even use that rod holder we brought along!

Want some beer? *Cracks open a cold beer* Ahh, it’s so refreshing to be out on the high seas. You know how much I love nature! The sound of the water is ecstatic; it’s a turn on! Hahaha! Don’t go having any bad ideas now! I just really love to fish! It’s way different from some forest treks I’ve gone to back in the day.

Hold on! It’s another snag! Look! *Picks up the fishing rod from the holder*Help me out! It’s another big, bad barracuda!!

Oh my god, this is awesome! Its two catches now! Set the hook right; I guess it’s the trick my lucky underwear’s doing again! Hahaha! Come one; we can handle this one together – pull it in!

Okay, it’s tired now! Let’s reel it now, whoa! That looks great! It is another barracuda! It’s as scary as the other one! Help! *Hugs you*

Don’t why after all I’ve been on; these fish still creep me out! Again, I’m glad you stayed with me on the trip!!

Alright! We got two in the bag! High five! *Raises hand cheerfully*

Live bait helped. All these barracuda are hungry and fierce!

Come on! We still have a lot ahead! Wait what’s that? Have you to go now? Awwww, alright! It’s no fun without you – be sure to come with me next time on another fishing trip again, okay? These baddies aren’t that tough when I’ve got you to help me!

Did you enjoy this trip? We still have more to come! Till next time guys! I’ll write about a lot of fishing trips I had so you’ll know just how enjoyable even just one of these are!

Remember to always fish with a smile! I love ya and see you again! Bye2x!

Rebecca Lily

Hi, everyone! My name’s Rebecca, and I just love to write and to fish! My friends call me “Becca.” I’m 22 years old, single, and am currently residing in New York working at an office. Show more

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