Excellence With Quality! The Best Braided Fishing Lines Of 2018 (Updated Sep)


With fishing as one of our favorite pastimes, we’d want to experience it only at its finest! Just you and your equipment enjoying nature at its best!

​The wilderness is always your best friend. It’s the man-made gear that you bring with you that might betray you – settling for less is not an option, you’ll risk losing that all important motivation to enjoy if your equipment won’t work for you! Among the others, the kind of fishing line you bring with you will eventually make or break you.


​Do not forget to always equip yourself with quality fishing gear. Check our guide to help you with grabbing one of the most important parts of your fishing journey – the best braided fishing line!

The Questions We Will Answer For You!

Do you know just why the braided fishing line is called that way and why it’s so popular among all the other lines used for angling?

​Are you a new angler and want to start out great by getting the best braided fishing line possible? Maybe you’re a veteran looking for quality fishing gear in the market but just don’t know where to find one? Perhaps you’re fed up with your old fishing line and are aching to get a new and better one?

​Do you want to know which braided fishing lines are the best sellers and which qualities make them that way? Look no further and read on to find out the answers to these questions!

Why Does The Fishing Line Matter?


The fishing line might arguably be the most important and essential part of your fishing arsenal. This is what connects that hook for that vital catch to your rod! With a mediocre line, you’ll risk breakage, and when you’d think you finally landed a big one – a snap or break is all it takes to ruin that exhilarating experience.

​No matter how good you are at fishing if your tools just don’t work to your favor that supposed wonderful fishing trip might all go down the drain and leave you feeling unsatisfied!

​Unlike ordinary lines, a great fishing line satisfies a good number of parameters for it to be effectively called “usable” when fishing. It is the “cord” a fisherman uses to attach his rod to the hook and cast it to the water to cover a distance to where fish usually reside.

​Definition fact: A method by which a line, hook, and rod are used to catch fish is called “Angling.”

The Creation Of The Braided Fishing Line

History fact: Way back in the early years of fishing, back in 1667, catgut was used as a fishing line. At around 1724, they further advanced their lines and used silk. (The World Book Encyclopedia Volume 7. Field Enterprises Educational Corp. 1968.) These lines were not nearly as durable and effective compared to their modern counterparts.


via rodreelguide.com

More modern lines among others made use of monofilament, nylon, fluorocarbons and the like. With monofilament, a single strand line, as the most common and widely used. This was quite a favorable line because of it can “stretch” which before was considered helpful for some fishers to avoid breaks.

​Nowadays, most preferable lines are those with less to zero stretches for accuracy.

​With new ways of creating better lines, it was soon discovered that a combination of many materials resulted in quite a significant increase in effectiveness.

​Specialty fishing lines were also made for specific kinds of fishing, such as the Stainless steel lines for larger fish with strong jaws and teeth, which eventually led to the creation of Titanium-nickel lines that provided a stronger and more resilient line for the same purpose.

​Finally, the introduction to the Braided fishing line, a line that is made of combined filament and is thermally fused together, has wowed many due to its high resistance, excellent durability, less stretch, and amazing flexibility. By combining every efficient material together and fusing it using top of the line technology, the result was a perfect line with all the needed qualities! Now, what are these qualities you ask? Read on!

The Qualities Of The Best Fishing Line

You can’t have a successful trip without utilizing the right tools at the right moment. Having quality parts and materials will always reward the determined fisherman. Which is why among the many kinds of fishing line materials there are to choose from, I feel that a braided fishing line is my favorite as it brings so much to the table.


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Before going a bit more in-depth with braided fishing lines, a quick overview of what the best fishing line needs to have is:

  • Strength – this includes the strength to keep the hook in place (Knot strength) and for the line itself to resist breaking (Break strength).
  • Durability and Resistance – prolonged use of a line is always possible if it’s resilient. You might save money buying a highly durable line rather than buying a line that you’d have to replace every after a few uses.
  • Weight – this affects how smooth and how sensitive the cast and maneuver is.
  • Color and Visibility - fish won’t bite if they see it coming! Even with their tiny brains, they’re smarter than you think!
  • Stretch – the ability to be able to stretch can be both an advantage and a disadvantage When a line is able to grow longer when met with resistance it “stretches”, control and sensitivity are compromised but it allows the line to resist breaking.

The Braided Fishing Line

The braided fishing line is a beloved and desired line among all others for its strength, durability, power, and look.

Well respected by the best anglers, “Small but terrible” a braided fishing line boasts a lightweight and compact design coupled surprisingly with great strength, control, and all with zero-stretch. A quick review of our checklist on the best qualities of a fishing line and you’ll see everything here.

Fun fact: Contrary to popular belief, braided fishing lines are not as new as you think – Dated way back to Prehistoric times. Woven linen was used to catch fish from all kinds of bodies of water.

Top 5 Best Braided Fishing Lines Of 2017

If you’re looking for the best-braided fishing line out there, you might want to consider reading some our top 5 recommended!

1. KAST KING’s Super Power Braided line


Via Amazon.com

This braided line appropriately named “Super Power” by KASTKING definitely lives up to its name! With amazing durability that lasts years without breaking, a strength that resists even the strongest of weight, and astonishing length that improves not just your cast length but also your ability to maneuver the line when trolling or reeling in.

Its braid is made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene braid fiber, a cutting edge material that resists an incredible amount of weight while remaining as light as possible. Covers and avails a wide array of colors to choose from including gray, green, multicolor, blue, white, pink and yellow.

​This line is one of the leaders I have found to have impressive knot strength because of its fibers. It has a smaller diameter in comparison to other products of its competitors. It also features a very low memory, a property which makes it one of my favorite lines because it allows me to handle it with less effort.

​Be ready to cast without experiencing any backlash regardless of the reel that you are using. It is also very sensitive. On top of these wonderful features, it also has superb hook setting abilities. Some of the fish I usually catch using this line are bullseye snakehead, muskellunge, and bass.

​Also, the abrasion resistance as well as the slow absorption of this line to water will surely make it last longer than other products, making it a money-saving option.


  • It costs way less than your other expensive brands but offers almost the same if not better features.
  • It is astonishingly strong for its price and size- resists up to 10-150lbs of weight, with little to no breaks during use as claimed by its users.
  • Smooth and light – lightweight and easy to cast.
  • Highly durable – can last years without damage or breakage.
  • It has an impressive knot strength
  • It features a very low memory
  • You can experience no backlash
  • It has excellent hook setting abilities
  • This line is money-saving because of it has high abrasion resistance and slow water absorption.


  • Has no usual complaint from its users other than its color fading after years of prolonged use, however, this is also common to almost all braided fishing lines as wear and tear are inevitable.

2. Piscifin Braided Fishing Line


Via Amazon.com

This product is another excellent brand which is becoming popular among anglers because of its exceptional knot strength and abrasion resistance which results in extreme durability. This feature guarantees you that it will encounter less breakage even when it collides against stones and rocks underwater.

The unmatched strength fiber materials on the other hand that makes this fishing line hold it upright, allowing to have consistent roundness as well as unparalleled smoothness which consequently creates an easier and smoother casting.

Piscifun braided Fishing Line features an extremely good sensitivity because it has an almost zero stretch which means that you can quickly feel and detect the bite of your target and pull out your fishing line.

This fishing line is lightweight, but it is very easy to cast and transport, two excellent features which do not only result to better castability but also allow it to super heavy loads. Like many outstanding braided fishing lines, it has a diameter that is thinner than a regular monofilament fishing line. It is also suitable to use for both salt water and fresh water.

You can quickly tie the knots, but it is still important to know the tricks of tying knots strongly so that you prevent chances of slippage from your reels.

With all these wonderful characteristics of this braided fishing line, I almost always never have an unpleasant fishing experience.

However, it is important to consider and remember that the available colors of this braided fishing line are all visible and bright, so you need a monofilament or fluorocarbon fishing line to attach to your hook.

The dye of this braided fishing line will also gradually come off after several times of using it, so you will need to replace it after frequent use.


  • It is popular among anglers because of its great abrasion resistance and knot strength.
  • It is very lightweight which makes it easy to transport or carry.
  • It allows users to detect the bite of the fish quickly and pull their fishing line.
  • The strong and unmatched fibers make casting smoother.
  • This braided fishing line is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.
  • It is highly sensitive because it has an almost zero stretch.


  • This fishing line comes in colors that are bright and visible; hence, you will need to attach a fluorocarbon or monofilament fishing line to your hook to make it hard to detect for fish.
  • The dye eventually comes off.

3. Spectra’s Power Pro


Via Amazon.com

With the new Power Pro developed by Spectra, you will feel the power to fish like a professional angler! Specially designed for clear waters and developed to feel light as a feather, this braided fishing line will offer you a great chance to cast at any perfect angle and present your lure just the way you want it.

It has a three end braid and has near zero stretches. It’s treated with enhanced body technology too, for that incredible round and sensitive feeling to the line.

​There are more important advantages of Power Pro Braided Fishing Line. Because of its impressive strength, you can expect less breakage to your line. It is also impossible to spook the fish because this line is thin.

​In my experience of using it, I have not also encountered any issue when I am spooling it on my spinning reels or when I am running it through the line guides of my fishing rod because of the round profile that it features.

​It has virtual lack of stretch which makes it extremely sensitive. This fact implies that hooking it and detecting the bite can happen at almost the same moment.

​Power Pro Braided Fishing Line is 20%-25% the diameter of a monofilament fishing line coming from the same pound test. For this reason, you can surely use lures that are light for deep waters.


  • This line has incredible knot strength; it can sustain prolonged use without having a Knot break or split.
  • Spools nicely, smooth to cast and has great sensitivity.
  • Has low diameter offering lower visibility, which makes it nice for clear waters
  • Has great length and less tension
  • This fishing line will have less breakage because of its strength
  • It has thin lines which make it almost impossible to spook a fish.
  • Lack of stretch makes this line extremely sensitive.
  • It can detect the bite of a fish quickly.


  • This braided fishing line may be a bit more expensive compared to other braided lines but still, makes up for it with its quality features.
  • Break strength may vary and isn’t as strong compared to other specific lines, which may stem from its adjustment in its low diameter to facilitate lower visibility and better control.

4. Berkley’s FireLine Crystal


Via Amazon.com

Keep the fire that fuels your love for fishing burning with Berkley’s FireLine Crystal Braided fishing line! The astonishing diameter that offers low visibility and it’s three times as strong and as durable as monofilament.

Weight tested to resist even the heaviest of tension and has ultimate sensitivity to add to a smoother finish for casting, trolling, and reeling in. Is available in smoke gray color and has a considerable length.

​Although this braided fishing line has a very thin diameter which is just 0.005 inches, many anglers including me have proven that it is more sturdy compared to other fishing lines that are available in the market.

​On top of its advantageous light weight, it also features an incredible lure action as well as an extremely low visibility. It gives great sensitivity which is essential in monitoring your strikes.

​It is one of the braided lines I have proven to be abrasion-resistant, and your target fish will surely find it hard to detect because it is translucent. It is also one of the most affordable braided fishing lines I have come across.


  • Great strength considering its diameter and length
  • Low visibility due to its small diameter that offers great chances to catch on both salt and fresh water
  • Very handy and lightweight, easy to handle and carry
  • Cool to cast and even cooler to move around, great sensitivity
  • It has thin diameter yet strong
  • The weight is considerably light.
  • It has a very low visibility.
  • High sensitive makes monitoring your strike easier.
  • It is abrasion-resistant.
  • Because it is translucent, fish will find it hard to detect.
  • It is affordable.


  • It is a bit stiffer compared to other braided lines, were over exposure to harsh elements and having it bear too much weight or get it snagged will cause in breaks and splits.
  • Will discolor after prolonged use, which is common to almost all kinds of braided fishing lines.

5. Stealth Camo Braid’s Spider Wire


Via Amazon.com

The fish certainly won’t see this coming. With Stealth Camo Braid’s Spider Wire, catching fish will be like grabbing them by the gills when they least expect it! New and Improved strength and durability added to an already powerful and break resistant braided line, with a clearer spool that is smaller and offers less visibility.

Includes unique color lock features that keep the line’s color intact even after prolonged use and directly “camouflages” the line with its moss green color for low-visibility underwater fishing, and yellow for high visibility above the water. Has no-stretch properties and has incredible sensitivity and control.

​This manufacturer of this fishing line constructed it with ultimate strength and thin diameter. It delivers a performance that is quiet and smooth to provide you the upper hand.

​The smooth, strong, and round fluoropolymer-treated fibers that make Stealth Superline gives it the ability to cast a further distance. How can I describe its action? It shoots through the line guides of my rod like a bullet for stealth attacks that are whisper quiet.

​Also, it has no-stretch properties which make it incredibly sensitive because it immediately detects the bites of your target. This feature also eliminates the chances of it to dig in on reels.


  • New improved strength up to 30% more!
  • Its fluorocarbon component makes it very nearly invisible in the water
  • Great lightweight and compact design that makes it one of the easiest lines to cast and maneuver
  • Made from Dyneema PE Microfiber and Fluor polymer- Treated microfibers.
  • Its unique stealth scheme is catered to provide light and stealthy fish catching ensuring that fish won’t see the low visibility line when underwater.
  • It has an exceptional strength.
  • The diameter is thin.
  • It offers smooth and quiet performance.
  • No-stretch properties make it highly sensitive.


  • Its design for light and stealthy purposes compromises its strength and though it can resist a great deal of weight, it is usually less stronger than other braided fishing lines that are wider in diameter or are heavier
  • After prolonged use, the coloring in the line may wear off or stain your fingers or clothing.

My Choice

Out of all the five best brands, we’d have to crown KASTKING’s Super Power Braided line as our winner, what with its incredible quality and features – Unbreakable strength, durability, incredibly lightweight and has zero stretches! All the qualities of a perfect braided fishing line at an incredibly low price too!

​While it may not be the cheapest, it certainly is worth the money. Compared to the others, it has the least amount of cons with the most amount of pros! It even covers a bit of each other products best features! It’s the complete mix of high-quality value at an affordable rate. That’s why recommend it immensely!

Do you have something you want to say or react about? Feel free to put your suggestions and remarks in the comment section! We welcome all enthusiastic men and women seeking that great fishing experience!

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