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Hi, everyone! My name’s Rebecca, and I just love to write and to fish! My friends call me “Becca.” I’m 22 years old, single, and am currently residing in New York working at an office. With some free time I always give in to my passions, and that’s why I started creating blogs and a website about fishing, it's two of my most favorite things!

​I was born in 1995 and lived most of my childhood years in the countryside. It felt like paradise. I grew up learning how to cook and prepare good meals, grow plants, and catch things to eat like fish! Dad taught me the hunting part while Mom gave me lessons on how to be a good future wife. Of everything they trained me to do, fishing was always my favorite!

​Now, I moved to live here in New York and have a way too boring desk job. The big city may also have its thrills; I do really love music and dancing! I sometimes have girl’s night out with my friends and party till the morning comes! It’s a blast and I do get to meet a lot of guys I like, but the city life just doesn’t have that a big place in my heart. Something just doesn’t click that’s why I go out angling in the weekends!

​My hobbies include writing (I love to write blogs, too!) cooking (I can make a mouthwatering Salmon dinner!) reading detective novels, playing music (I learned how to play the guitar and piano, I can play a lot of new stuff) dancing, watching horror flicks, and going to the gym! (Got to keep that figure, right?) I also love to run marathons and triathlons (I attended 3 so far! I’m hoping to join more this year.)

​I was brought up by a great family, I was real close to my dad who was an outdoorsy guy (He really loved hiking, camping and stuff like that) and he especially took a greater interest in angling, fishing – which rubbed out on me. I got my first fishing rod when I was 9 and caught my first ever trout the same year! Oooh, I can still imagine and remember the thrill up till now! <3 <3 <3

​I write a lot about fishing, it’s really a passion more than a hobby for me. Just me and my trusty fishing rod out there with nature, enjoying the amazing view and the sound of the flowing waters and serene wilderness! I usually fish alone but sometimes my friends tag along. I’m the most overly enthusiastic of the group obviously. Lol 🙂

​Maybe you guys want to read some of my blogs? Add me on twitter or Facebook! I know a lot of people share my sentiments and love for fishing! Feel free to comment below about your own fishing experience or anything about fishing you’d like to say! It’s very welcome!

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