A Day Of Catching Big Fish With Spook Lures Got Some Great Biters!


Hi, everyone! My names Rebecca Lily, and this segment is all about my great fishing trip where I caught a Striper with a spook lure on my first try!

I’ll be writing as if you’re with me on the trip to make it all fun for you, so if you like, read along and go with the journey with me!

I’m here on a fishing trip hoping to catch some big ones! Wanna come? Sure!

It’s going to be one great day! The sky looks great and I’ve got this feeling that some big biter is waiting just around the corner for me to get! You ready to go, too?

I got my favorite red underwear on just in case (laughs) I caught a whopper last time I was wearing them, since then I’ve considered them my “lucky pair.” And have worn them throughout many fishing trips, guess what? Lucky catches for days! It's gotten a bit tight though, haha!

So judging by everything going on, it’s looking like this time of year the fish are biting more than usual. I’ll have to use my best rods for today’s trip. Glad you’re watching, I love a good audience!

Please don’t judge me if I catch only the smallest fish around. I mean, fishing is about the fun, right?

Though I’d really, really love to catch me a humongous one today.

Won’t you cheer for me? Yay! That’s the spirit!

For today’s trip, I’ll be using a new lure I got, a white Spook lure – though yellow’s my favorite, I also love to use white ones as they look great in the water, and are very enticing to the fish, I caught large bass using light-colored lures all the time.


Via Amazon.com

It’s a Heddon Super Spook Jr. Lure, and just as its name says, it’s SUPER great! I actually have a lot of these but with different colors and such – there Gold, Blue Chrome, Black, Silver, Red head, and a lot more! I mix and match these bit but the white one won my heart over for the first cast!

I’ve been really good at handling big rods lately (hahaha not the ones you’re thinking about, you pervert) and I’ve been practicing my shooting casts to get a further distance. Watch me!

Bigger, longer rods help with larger and heavier fish. In contrast to my white bone lure, I’m using a black Sougayilang Spinning Telescopic Fishing Rod for this endeavor. It was quite embarrassing for one of my first tries with harder rods because I nearly fell off the boat once! Do you like bigger rods, too?


Via Amazon.com

I’ve had a good teacher though, and after a bit of training my arms got used to the weight and balance, and I was eventually able to master using different rods at different times. (Dad said we had to be flexible because one rod isn’t going to magically catch all kinds of fish)

Here we go! Wish me luck. *Casts out into the open water* *Giggle* I did good!

Brrr! The water must be freezing because it’s quite cold out here. Wish I brought my jacket, but i am more comfortable wearing shorts and this top while I fish. Do you like it? I can move better with this!

Cold weather and cold water mean that the big ones are lurking mid or near the surface, most of the time trying to get warm. I hope they’ll be able to see the lure.

By the way, the line I’m using is a simple monofilament line, a Berkley Trilene Big Game Monofilament Custom Spool perfect if you want a low visibility, solid line with little drag and a controlled stretch. These are relatively cheaper and are great for clearer waters! Any mono line will do, I just happen to have this one around.


Via Amazon.com

I’ve brought a braided fishing line to use just in case I need a near zero-stretch line. We could use that later on if we failed with this one. Hey, if at first you don’t succeed, try a new line, right? Haha! I just love your enthusiasm! Thanks for coming with me on this trip.

So the lure’s out there and I’m reeling in a bit to make the bait look nice to the fish. I’m going to use the “walking the dog” technique and bring the bait in moving like a cutesy fish in the water.

It’s really fun! What I’m doing is I’m putting my rod at a lower angle while playing with my wrist as I slowly reel in the lure. What it does is it rocks the lure side to side while it's traveling nearer to me! It looks just like a real fish swimming in the water! Come closer so you’ll see!

Here hold the rod with me! Hahaha! That tickles!

​Wait! It looks as if something’s coming for the bait! Oh my god! That’s a big one!

​Woah! okay, remember what we said, set the hook. *tugs the rod upward and sets the hook* Alright! Now, we need to let the fish tire out first. That’s the problem with these big ones, they’re aggressive fighters. Help me out! Hang on tight!!

​Look at that beauty! It’s quite a giant! Don’t know what you think, but this definitely is a big one for my standards. After a bit of releasing its time to reel in! That’s it baby – you’re mine! Woohoo! This is why I love to fish! The thrill of the fight and the catch is exhilarating!

​Let’s set this baby up and see. See that? That’s one big Striper! Look at the size of it, and its heavy too! Yeah! We got one with our very first cast!! My luck underwear really did the trick! *laughs* well I’d also have to thank my gear and all that practice.

​I didn’t expect to get one with my first throw! Especially not one as big as this! This is one kind of fish I’d love to catch every single day!

​Okay, back to the water with you *Throws fish back into the water* Whew, that was amazing. Hey, that’s why we fish, right? Okay, I’ll go ahead and try again!

​Oh, you have to go now? Awwww, we’re not done yet! Come with me next time, okay? Hope you enjoyed the trip!

​Don’t forget to like and share! What’s your favorite fishing story? Did you also catch a big one on your first try? What was your first catch? Put them in the comments below!

​Wanna go on a fishing trip again? Keep updated! Remember to always fish with a smile! See you guys again! Bye2!

Rebecca Lily

Hi, everyone! My name’s Rebecca, and I just love to write and to fish! My friends call me “Becca.” I’m 22 years old, single, and am currently residing in New York working at an office. Show more

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